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Electronics and communications
Our competencies
Integration with other systems
Direct export to CAE and CAM; integration with PDM, ERP, PLM, etc.
Modernization for production needs
Adding new libraries, tools and modules, as well as plugin development
Development of industry-specific CAD and CAM systems
Creation of highly specialized systems for unconventional tasks
Our competencies
Integration with other systems
Direct export to CAE and CAM; integration with PDM, ERP, PLM, etc.
Modernization for production needs
Adding new libraries, tools and modules, as well as plugin development
Development of industry-specific CAD and CAM systems
Creation of highly specialized systems for completing unconventional tasks
Improved work speed
By automating routine tasks, engineering and production speeds increase by 7–10 times
Error reduction
Reduced influence from the human factor and increased quality of the finished product
Simplified interaction between specialists
Thanks to export from CAD to CAM and format associativity, teamwork becomes more consistent
KOMPAS-3D version editor
Simplifies tabular editing and automatically generates model drawings

— Edit versions based on tabular data
— Permits selection of variable values
— Manages assembly unit version structures

Result: assembly unit versions are created 30% faster

Adaptation plugin for Bentley Prostructures and AutoCAD Architecture
Adaptation of the Windows and Doors module for Bentley Prostructures CAD and AutoCAD Architecture as required by domestic standards

— Prepares generic and individual specifications for doors and windows according to domestic standards
— Automatically updates specifications when a model is changed
— Individual door and window construction design with automatic markings required by domestic standards

Result: productivity improved by 10%, engineering time reduced

KOMPAS-3D and ESPRIT integration plugin
Integration of KOMPAS-3D CAD and ESPRIT CAM with full format associativity

— Imports 3D models, 2D drawings, assemblies and specifications into ESPRIT
—  Allows interaction with the construction tree (reading, managing and saving to ESPRIT)
— Works with KOMPAS-3D versions
— Imports KOMPAS-3D files to ESPRIT (STEP, IGES, Parasolid, STL)

Result: simplified workflow for designers and CNC engineers, reduced production cycle time

BIM-model based generator for optimized construction plans
BIM-model based generator for optimized construction plans

— Automatically generates project schedules based on the supply of materials, subcontractors, etc.
— Analyzes structural component сonnectivity
— Generates optimal work sequences
— Unifies building and construction plan models

Result: reduction of project duration by 16% and labor costs by 14%

Platform for planning construction projects based on BIM approach
Automatically builds organizational and technological models of construction projects based on available resources

— Prepares work statements and staffing tables synchronized with supply plans
— Calculates optimal organizational structures and construction crew equipment
— Generates real-time cost estimates for project competition and financial indicator analysis
— Automatically creates design documentation for each construction stage

Result: project costs reduced by 20%

ArcGIS-based integrated construction management system
Solution for monitoring the status of real estate objects based on BIM approach

— Displays information about real estate objects in the format of drawings, construction trees and project documentation
— Displays floor view of premise plans
— Groups, filters and sorts data tabular
— Uploads production facility information, including drawings, cadastral information, etc., in .pdf format

Result: simplified cost control of real estate, ROI increase

Specification generator plugin for AutoCAD Electrical
Preparition of design specifications and estimates using an equipment databases

— Adds information regarding equipment required to specifications
— Prepares specifications using custom templates
— Provides acsess to a network equipment database for preparing drawings and models
— Facilitates troubleshooting using automatic verification of drawings and specifications

Result: automatic preparation of custom specifications based on company and customer requirements

AI-based CAD for microwave circuits
Indesys platform for engineering and measureming of electrophysical parameters of microwave devices

— Visual and interactive engineering of microwave devices based on the full range of characteristics and requirements
— Automatically synthesizes microwave circuits using AI algorithms
— Automatically measures electrophysical parameters of integrated microwave circuits
— Controlrs measuring equipment via Ethernet, USB and GBIP standard protocols

Result: reduced time to enter the microwave device market

Promis.E ECAD system localization
Localization of electrical systems engineering CAD as required by domestic standards

— Support for domestic standards
— Translation of the interface and iCADLib and EasyaArch modules into Russian
— Adapted display of date and time format, system of measures, paper sizes, etc.
— Translation of technical documentation and related files

Result: increased productivity due to intuitive user interface and elimination of need for manual adaptation of domestic standard requirements

CAM system for 5-axis DED LENS 3D printer
Preparation of control programs for 5-axis DED LENS printer with milling function (based on Open CASCADE)

 — Generates of control programs (G-code)
— Builds 5-axis motion trajectories and hatching
— Calculates overload areas and builds of supporting structures for them
— Includes section slicer with custom shape and angle plane support
— Offers error detection and printing simulation

Result: fast preparation of control programs for object printing when using a 5-axis printer

CAM system for 3-axis 3D printer
Control of metal alloy printing with electron beam melting

— Generates g-code for printing large metal structures
— Adjusts spacing between layers
— Viusualizes models in 3D before printing
— Scales, rotates and pans product models

Result: preparation of control programs and error correction of a model for printing using a 3-axis printer

Application for preparing SolidWorks models for 3D printing
Preparation of product models for metal 3D printing using powder bed fusion technology

— Controls powder melting paths and modes
— Automatically creates supporting structures
— Slices models
— Spatially manipulates models

Result: increases speed of preparing parts and products for production

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