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ECAD and MCAD integration
for end-to-end circuit board design

Bi-directional data exchange between ECAD and MCAD systems for fast development of electronic devices
Information technology
Working in the context of a device assembly is important for PCB designers, as they constantly have to verify that models are compatible with the enclosure they will be built in. The problem is that the board is created in ECAD, while for the enclosure design MCAD is used.
In order to verify compatibility, designers have to convert files into STEP format and exchange them. The list of edits is further shared by email or phone calls, which leads to significant delays in the project development.
All of this increases the risk of errors as well as design time since model verification can take up to 70% of the time. Our customer reached out to us to integrate ECAD and MCAD and therefore improve the speed and quality of work.
Rubius has developed a plugin for seamless integration of ECAD and MCAD systems. With this plugin, PCB and enclosure designers can easily collaborate when working on one product.
Bi-directional data exchange via a cloud server
Configuration of work parameters and access rights
Managed synchronization between the systems, with the ability to accept or reject changes at any time
Defining the board geometry in ECAD based on the enclosure MCAD model
Automatic footprint creation in ECAD when placing components on a model in MCAD
Exporting 3D models of electronic components from ECAD to MCAD
Linking MCAD and ECAD components by key parameters
Transfer of a conductive pattern as a decal or extruded bodies
Transfer of a silkscreen as a decal
Message exchange
Plugin capabilities:
Cost reduction
Decreased number of the hours needed for model verification and lower prototype production expenses
Quality improvement
Less design errors and better quality thanks to logging of all changes and model compatibility verification
Production rate increase
End-to-end PCB design speeds up the development and prompts commercialization of the product
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